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It's not only

                        WHAT we see...

It's not only

                        WHAT we see...

It's not only

                        WHAT we see...

          For years, I wore my camera like an article of clothing.

Eventually, it felt like a part of me.

Friends and family became comfortable with my five-pound neck amulet & due to this, 

I was granted the freedom to capture unprepared & unexpected truths in a second.


          The unexplored angles of the natural world and my cameras manual focus, which contains  the zoom power of a decent science class microscope, became the best of friends. 

My studies in photography forced me to see lighting and feel out timing in a whole new way. Camera work was meditative  & strangely enlightening, for me, it still is.


            With a new found appreciation & deepened awareness  of space & time,  the mechanical considerations, the  environmental fluctuations & everything in-between, I went out and earned my shots. I was there for that elusive morning daybreak over the Rockies.

I remember that shot because I had to wake up at 3am to get it!

              It was me who was hiding behind the couch waiting to capture your expression as you discover the fake snake I hid behind the coffee machine. 

I can't help it.

This beautiful machine has become part of me and it wants to explore everything.


                                                                                                                                                  -Jack Wire

Oh Really?

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