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                     Who am I ?

           Honestly, I am still figuring that out... aren't we all?

What I know about myself thus far is:


            I'm a creative, tech-savvy photographer from the Western Slope of Colorado. 

 I graduated from the Ft. Lewis College in Durango, where I earned my

Bachelors of Arts. I am an extremely active person; I ride motorcycles , rock climb, kayak, and fly. Yes, in an airplane, as my wings have not fully come in yet.

           I am a self-studied techie with what my esteemed sister calls,                

"an impulse to retro-engineer the web" .


          I've always had a different way of learning things. I was the kind of kid who would take things apart... and not put them back together.

What can I say, sometimes I found other things to do with the pieces!

          In the  first year of working with the Guitar,

I was told I played like an improvisational  "Willie and Lobo".

Currently, I am in the process of experimenting with other instruments like the melodica and theremin.

 I enjoy  summers in Colorado and in winter I try and make time for maintenance on my sailboat in The Keys.







-Jack Wire



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